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Security Tips

Cyber Security – Don’t be “naked” online.

Your Best Tool

Most people forget that they always have their best computer security tool with them all of the time … their brain. Generally if you stop and think about something that just does not seem right you can at least decide if the activity might be a problem. Example: If you get an unsolicited email asking you to update some information that requires a Website login does it make sense? This is known as “Phishing” and links in the email can lead you to a bogus site that will collect your user id and password. Be a little suspicious when somebody asks you for private information unless you know who you are talking too. Also if it seems “Too Good To Be True” engage your best tool . . . Your Brain.

Con Games

Most security incidents are simple “con games” and don’t require extraordinary technical skill. This is known as “Social Engineering”. Somebody tricks you into revealing something private. One of the most famous hackers of all time, Kevin Mitnick, admits many of his “best hacks” did not involve technical knowledge but getting somebody to reveal information willingly. “If you give somebody the keys they don’t need to pick the lock.”

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